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lock plz


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This is a tag-team tournment. There will be 4 teams. PM me to join. It's a small tourney and I don't want to wait for too many people to join. You can choose someone to pair up with, or be paired randomly. You may use made-up cards. NO TOTALLY BROKEN CARDS!!! I will act as judge in addition to playing in the tourney. Don't complain.





You get reps depending on how well you do.


lose in round 1 - 0 reps for each team member

get to finals - 1 rep for each team member

grand champions - 3 reps for each team member

be the second team in (Besides me and strategist13) - get 1 rep each.






team #1: Strategist13 + strategist14

team #2: ANBU_Leader + YugiohPro

team #3: Queen Ashe + Victa Zeh Victa

team #4:

[spoiler=solo people]







[spoiler=round #1:] team#1 vs. team#2



[spoiler=round #2:] team #3 vs. team #4



[spoiler=round #3:] Round #1 winners vs. Round #2 winners



[spoiler=round #4:] Round #3 winners vs. each other. (Winner gets 2 additional reps in addition to the 3 reps the winning team gets)





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right. You're in. You are paired with ANBU_Leader.

Now I and my partner strategist13 will duel you. I'll begin. I draw (Hand6) And summon bouncebacker (ATK0). (Hand5) Now I'll play double summon so I can set a defense mode monster. (Hand 3). Set 1 card facedown and end turn.



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ooc: k

i draw, i play a face-down defense and 2 face downs and then i activate side attack i choose strategist 14 (he can only attack me and vice versa, the same happens with YugiohPro and Strategist13 if our opponent has no monsters we can attack their partner directly)

OOC: does round 4 mean a 1 on 1 between the team.?

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ooc: I don't think so. The real card Marshmallon is a lot harder. It won't die at ALL in battle, deals 1000 damage to you whenever you attack it, AND your opponent can't take damage from battles with it. Compared to that, bouncebacker has the value level of a kuriboh.

ooc: cool site.

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OOC: -_- if there no good pic just use a basic and say there arent any good ones you could find..


(on subject of rp)just ready your member cartd in sig. well i already have this whole battle planned out almost any variable and as soon as YugiohPro comes back on we can continue

(back off subject) XD

how bout we 1 on 1 rp duel? (has 2 be dif. thread obv.)

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ooc: haha. I really think that it'd be best if you just dueled, instead of telling me that ancient gear beast will help me. ^_^ I therefore presume that you are using important trap cards, so I'll just have to use some of my anti-trap cards. That or monsters. I can kill either, though.

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OOC: I have yet to complete my Deck, so I will simply play what I have made so far.

Hunter: I'll start by playing Hylia, Dancing Millenia.

[spoiler= Hylia, Dancing Millenia]




With her effect, I can destroy your Bouncebacker without problem. Sadly, you get to draw 1 card. So strike Millenia! Now I'll place 1 face-down, and end my turn. (Hand 4.)

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My turn. (LP3000). (Hand 4). I play heavy storm to cleansweep out all of our spell and traps, including my facedown Golden idol of evil. This let's me summon a Idol token, or some token of the sort(ATK1000). Now, I'll summon a telekhine to destroy your Hylia. (400damage) Now I use double summon to summon out ninja grandmaster sasuke. Attack ANBU_Leader's facedown monster. Via his effect, I can immediately destroy it. Now I'll end my turn by attacking ANBU_LEADER directly with my idol token. (Unless it's called something else. I can't find the card, so I don't know. But I know the token has 1000ATK).



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Hunter: Not so fast, If you thought my Hylia goes down that easy your wrong. It may negate the effects of all monsters on the field, but not in the hand. I'll activate Honest against your Telekhine, and though you've destroyed Anbu's card, my card remains intact. Honest gives my monster attack equal to the monster attacking it. So your's is destroyed and you'll take another 1000 damage. This also means, our Life points are undamaged. You might not want to attack Hylia, as she'll gain ATK equal to Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke next.

(Yes this card is really in my Deck. And also, Grandmaster is face-up monsters. Mystic Swordsman is face-down.)

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