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Lock, n load.


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Welcome too Sid's Shop!!



[spoiler=Sid's Examples]




[spoiler=Catman's Examples]




[spoiler=BlazeVGR's Examples]




[spoiler=Sig Request Form]

Render/Pic URL:
Any Special effects wanted: 
Canvas Size:
Anything else:


I have the right to deny any render/stock, so dont get angry if i do.


Sig cost:10 - 350 depending on quality and specs


[spoiler=Render Request Form]





Render cost: 20 - 100 points depending on size



[spoiler=Animation Request Form]

Pic to be animated:

[spoiler=Splices and Recolors Form]

Links to the sprites(digisplices only):
Pokemon to be used:
Parts to be spliced(optional):

Link to the sprite(digimon recolor only):
Pokemon to recolor:
Color(s) you want it to be:


Cost for both = 1 point


[spoiler=If you want too work here]

I will accept job applications. You will get pay too. :p

Pay will work like this.

Depending on how fast your outcomes are and how good they are, you will be payed ranging from 10 - 500 points per every other week, but all payments still go to me. ;D




[spoiler=Job Application]

What you make:
How often you make it:
2 - 5 Examples of your work (Links):
Cost for what you make:



~Viva La Catman






[spoiler=What we make]









[spoiler=Request Waiting Time]

Depending on the size/quality/item you are requesting, the waiting time for your request could be ranging anytime from 1 day too 2 weeks. Remember though, people do have lives and other things too work on. Dont be impatient.




If anything else needs too be clarified, please feel free too pm me.


Thank you for visiting Sid's Shop!!


Whew. Finally started.

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You have some of the same items I do, so I was thinking you got it covered. ;) But I'll do animations if you want ^_^


Username: Catman

What you make: Animations

How often you make it: Anytime?

2 - 5 Examples of your work (Links): http://i31.tinypic.com/2ecqff4.jpg


Cost for what you make: Free

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hey can i work here?


Username:The Bobster

What you make: Dark Synchros, Pokesplices, Pic and Card Recolors, and Card Inverts.

How often you make it: Whenever I feel like it.

2 - 5 Examples of your work (Links):

[spoiler=Invert] http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss27/Bobmanguy334/Invert_star_rod_kirby.jpg


[spoiler=Dark Synchro] http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss27/Bobmanguy334/DarkCard_star_rod_kirby.jpg


[spoiler=Pic and Card Recolor] http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss27/Bobmanguy334/Green_star_rod_kirby.jpg





Cost for what you make:Pokesplice: 1 point. Dark Synchros: 8 points. Card and Pic Recolors: 4 points. Inverts: 3 Points.

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Orders up.




Time taken: 46:22 min

Quality: Great

Price: 350 points






Time taken: 35:10 min

Quality: Alright

Price: 225 Points


Btw, i feel that its a little empty, therefore, i will post another version tommorow, so you dont have to take this one if you dont want too.




Honestly, i would wear both in a heartbeat. I feel i did great :3


Oh and for the double post: I dont give a damn.

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Username: Ethaniel

What you make: Holos, inverts, recolours

How often you make it: Upon request

2 - 5 Examples of your work (Links): :[spoiler=Holo]hidanhollo.jpghttp://img190.imageshack.us/img190/6895/hidanhollo.jpg






I also do solid recolours, aswell as full image recolours.



Cost for what you make: 2-5 points.

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The holo is to bright, and i believe the border of the image isnt supposed to be holo'd.

I really dont find a use for inverts, other then for Dark synks.

Recolor is waay to dark tbh.


And, this is more of a GFX shop. Sorry though, work on your stuff, reapply in a couple days, and you may hear a yes from me.

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My rebuttle:


1. That example was from my first time using GIMP, I just happened to use that image.


2. I agree that inverts are useless, but some people like them for some reason.


3. It's just a random example, isn't that hard for me to change the brightness, just chose that particular shade while making the example.


But if you don't want me working here, I'm cool with that.

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Try some more, learn gimp fully. Get better with everything related to cards, as in shiny names, gold stickers, holo's, inverts, etc. Then post examples of those. If those are good, you (without a thought about it) will be on the team.

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Username: Blazevgr

What you make: Splices (mostly pokemon, but if you give me digimon sprites or whatever, I'll try my best) and Sprite recolors.

How often you make it: Whenever I would get an order, or when I feel like it for fun.

2 - 5 Examples of your work (Links): http://i32.tinypic.com/34t9z00.png http://i32.tinypic.com/4r80mr.png

Cost for what you make:1 point for each splice or recolor.


BTW if you are not sure you want to hire me i can make some more to show you.

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