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[REQ] Avatar & Signature/Banner


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[align=center]If anyone do these, I'll pay between 600-1000 points (maybe more) for each.


Type of Graphic: Avatar

Image Used For Graphic: Stardust Dragon (couldn't find a good render of it)

Size: 100x100

Text On Graphic: TA (short for my username)

Color: Something that matches Stardust, possibly blue.

Requested Artist: Anyone

Other: N/A




Type of Graphic: Signature/Banner

Images Used For Graphic:




Size: You decide

Text On Graphic: Cursed Saviors

Colors: Something dark, like black or red.

Requested Artist: Anyone

Other: N/A[/align]

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Im an ass. Im sorry for being so freaking late. But with time comes quality.





I reeeeeeallly liked this outcome. Even though it looks simple, it was a great bunch of layers, not many effect layers, more adjustment ^-^


Hope you liek =3

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