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My Dark Counterparts/Yubel Deck

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This is my current deck I like to use, Dark Counterpart/Yubel. I have made this with the "My Original Duel Building Guide".

[spoiler=MonstersX 27]

Doomcaliber Knight X 1

Dark Armed Dragon X 1

Mystic Tomato X 3

Necro Gardna X 1

Morphing Jar X 1

Jinzo X 1

DarkLord Zerato (my ACE) X 3

Old vincitive Magician X 1

BlackWing- Gale the Whirlwind X 3

Samsara Lotus X 1

Doom Shaman X 1

Yubel-Terror Incarnate X 1

Marshmallon X 1

Yubel X 3

Black Goblin Ops X 1

Dark Creater X 2

Yubel- The Ultimate Nightmare X 1

Gorz, Emmisary of Darkness X 1



[spoiler=SpellsX 15]

Shield Crush X 1

Allure of Darkness X 1

Wave-Motion Cannon X 1

Lightning Vortex X 1

Shrink X 1

Scape Goat X 1

United We Stand X 1

Heavy Storm X 1

A Feather of the Phoenix X 1

Monster Reborn X 1

Gold Sarcophagus X 1

Foolish Burial X 1

Riryoku X 1

Smashing Ground X 1

Mist Body X 1




Dark Illusion X 1

Michizure X 1

Rising Energy X 1

Zoma The Spirit X 1

Magic Cylinder X 1

Mirror Force X 1

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow X 1

Torrental Tribute X 1

Crush Card Virus X 1

Bottomless Trap Hole X 2

Sakuretsu Armor X 1

Damage Condencer X 1



[spoiler=Extra X 10]

Trident Dragion X 1

Mist Wurm X 1

Stardust Dragon X 1

Red Dragon Archfiend X 1

DarkEnd Dragon X 1

Black Roe Dragon X 1

Goyo Guardian X 1

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier X 1

Blackwing Armor Master X 1

Armory Arm X 1



I hope you like this deck!


P.S. For people who want to see my Guide, click here.

[spoiler=guide of my own]

I usually make decks like this. (in this guide, the word “counter” appears a lot, but it doesn’t mean like the “venom token”, it means the cards that can block other decks.) (I will use the Dark Counterparts deck as an example.)

1. Get an awesome card. (like Dark Armed Dragon)


2. Get free time. (well, you need this duh)


3. Open up your card collection to see cards that are good with the awesome card. (such as in my case, more Dark counterparts.)


4. Add the "staples" to the deck. (nessaccary)


Mirror Force

Negatatation cards (such as the "jammer"s)

Search (like Sangan)

Destruction (like Smashing Ground and Lightning Vortex)

Spell/Trap Removal (like heavy storm)

Scapegoat and Attack negaters (negate attack, sakuretsuarmor, etc.)

Much much more!




5. Think up what this deck is weak against. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!! (for instance, Dark Counterparts are weak against Removal decks.) Then add the cards that can "counter" that deck. (for example, I can add more Spell/Trap Removal cards to destroy the key cards of the Removal Deck such as Macro Cosmos.) This makes your deck almost unbeatable against what SHOULD kill it.


6. Get monsters in of the same concept or archetype so that they are about balanced. (in my case, Dark Counterparts.)


7. Get spells and traps in to cover more bad parts and stretch the good. (makes it better balanced)



The test decks I use are the following:

[spoiler=My test decks]

Burn (direct damage)

Lock (using cards that restrict opponent's moves)

High ATK (many monsters with high ATK)



These decks are the ones that seem to be often used in tournaments, so check out what your deck is weak against using the test duel. You can always call your freinds to do this. Try to duel with each of the test decks 3 to 5 times. When you duel against them and you realize that there is a deck type you are still weak against, try getting more "counter"s in, and take out the bad cards that didn't help you. They try again with that deck, and do this until you win. Yes, it takes time. But nonthless, it makes your deck even more invincible against all sorts!!


9. Really dueling. The more decks your freinds have, the better because you can see what decks most people use besides the main 3 concepts. Make a list of the decks you dueled with, and write wherether you won or lost. After that, when the freinds leave, you can get more cards to counter it. In the next play date, duel them again to see if you win. Once you can counter any deck, your deck is TRUELY UNBEATABLE!!!



P.S. Deck building is similar to writing stories. You make up the plot, add details, and revise again and again. A good deck should have an Ace, Supports, Staples, and Counters of the weakness. Remember, any deck has a weakness, no matter how good it looks. Just shoveling in rare cards you glimpse in your folder doesn't make it good. I always revise my deck a lot if I have time. As months pass, more cards and deck concepts arise, and the old decks vanish. So you'll have to change your deck a few times a month if a new booster or structure deck comes out. Good luck!



Please rate my deck out of 10.

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Actually' date=' you have absolutely know idea how the game's changed, they've rendered it ileagal now to have decks over 50 cards in tournaments, same with the 15-card Extra Deck rule.



I thought that the new rule is 60 max.


On topic: Yubel and DAD have nothing in common (except the fac that they are both DARK). Choose on of them and someone might help you.

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