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Attempt: Dreadroot


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Check it. And be nice.



The Wicked Dreadroot x3


Archfiend Soldier x3

Gilasaurus x3

Nimble Momonga x3

Hyena x3

Giant Germ x3

Blockman x2

Hero Kid x3



Swords of Revealing Light x1

Fiend's Sanctuary x3

Lightning Vortex x1

Double Summon x3

Back to Square One x2

Premature Burial x1



Ultimate Offering x2

Waboku x2

Dust Tornado x2


And don't forget that this deck's for Tag Force.

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Wouldn't King Tiger pwn with Dreadroot? Maybe? Although you -would- need him out before Dreadroot...

Ok, bad idea.

No Fires Of Doomsday?

Also; Cyber Jar is forbidden and Ultimate Offering is Semi-Limited

And I wouldn't reccomend Stray Lambs, or Double Summon

Try Gravekeepers Spy

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