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Lore:Once per turn, you can pay 500 Life Points to destroy a card on the the field. If the card is a Effect Monster Card activate one of the following effects:

-Discard one card from your hand to inflict 300 Points of Damage to the opponent.

-Special Summon a Warrior-Type monster to the field.


Lore:When this card is attacked during the opponent's Battle Phase, sacrifice one monster on your side of the field to destroy the attacking monster.


Lore:When this card attacks a Water Attribute Monster, increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 300 Points. When a Spell of Trap Card is equipped to this card during your turn, decrease the ATK and DEF of this card by 500 Points.


Lore:When this card is sent to the Graveyard, you can pay 500 Life Points to Special Summon this card to the field from the Graveyard. If this card is Special Summoned this way, it cannot attack during the Battle Phase that it is Special Summoned.


Lore:When this card is destroyed during the opponent's Main Phase, you can Special Summon this card from the Graveyard to the field by halving the ATK and DEF of this card until the opponent's next End Phase. If this card is still on the field after the opponent's turn, the ATK and DEF of this card return to normal.


Lore:When this card is Special Summoned from your hand to the field, you can send all monsters in the Graveyard to the Removed from Play Zone. You can pay 700 Life Points to gain control of a monster on the opponent's side of the field.


Lore:This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by discarding 3 Monster Cards from your hand. This card cannot be destroyed by Spell or Trap Cards. If this card is destroyed by battle, you can Special Summon a Warrior-Type monster.

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Tobi isn't the Akatsuki Leader! It's PEIN!


Pein is dead so Tobi is the leader. Tobi=Madara Uchiha=founder of akatsuki


Most of these people are dead, so if you make them, you have to describe them as what they were when they were alive. That's Pein. Kuja the Magnificent was right.

Awesome cards, though.

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