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Immortal Chaos

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Yes, It's a 'Nilla card, ut you will see why I HAD to make him a 'Nilla when you read his Equip cards. Yes this is based on yet again more MTG cards. SOme of the equip cards may seem OP'ed, but I do follow the MTG card effects somewhat.





Shield of Kaldra



Sword of Kaldra



Helm Of Kaldra



Rates? Hates? [expecting lots of hates...i can feel it] Fixes? All welcome


Edit: Kaldra no longer a nilla

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Names - 10/10

Pictures - 9/10 [find a better picture for the helm]

Effects -9.5/10 [minor OCG]


total - 28.5/30


Sword: *snip* The equipped monster can attack twice per turn. *snip*


Helm: *Snip* The equipped monster cannot be targeted by Spell and Trap Cards.

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