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Tree of the gods


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First time posting on this site.

I doubt these will ever get images because I dont make make my own, and I'm not going to copy and paste some image found on google.

[spoiler=Yggdrasil Archtype]

Tree of the gods

Field Spell

At the End Phase, Special Summon 1 "Yggdrasil Root token" (Plant-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 0) on the players side of the field who's end phase it is. If a players monster card zone is full, the token is placed in an unoccupied spell/trap card zone and is treated as a Continuous Spell Card. When this card is destroyed you can Special Summon 1 "Nidhogg" from your hand or deck.



8star Dragon earth


This card cannot be normal summoned or set. this card cannot be special summoned except by the effect of "Tree of the gods". When this card is special summoned destroy all "Yggdrasil Root tokens" on the field. This card's attack is 700 x the number of Yggdrasil root tokens destroyed by this cards effect.



8star beast light


You can Special Summon this card by tributing any number of "Yggdrasil Root Tokens" on the field (min. 2). While this card is on the field, all of your opponent's monster cards sent to the graveyard are sent out of play instead and this card loses 300 attack and defense every time a monster is removed by this effect. When this card is destroyed, Special Summon twice as many "Yggdrasil Root Tokens" that were tributed to Summon this card to the field.(you choose where to place them). If a token is placed in the Spell and Trap zone, it is treated as a Continuous Spell card.



Council of Aesir

4star Fairy light


Once per turn you can tribute one Yggdrasil root token to destroy one card on the field.



Root Totem

4star plant earth


Once per turn you can decrease this cards attack to 0 and increase the attack of 1 Yggdrasil Root token by the amount this card lost. when the token that was targeted by this cards effect is destroyed, decrease the owner of the tokens life points by half the tokens attack.


Storm Pale Hawk

1star winged-beast tuner wind


When this card is summoned you can destroy up to 3 Yggdrasil Root token on the field. Increase this cards level by 2 for each token destroyed.


The Unnamed Eagle

8star Winged-Beast Synchro wind


Storm Pale Hawk + 1 or more non-tuner monster

If this card would be destroyed by an effect, you can destroy 1 Yggdrasil Root token instead. Yggdrasil Root tokens on your opponents side of the field cannot be used for tributes or synchro summons. during your end phase you can give your opponent 1 Yggdrasil Root token from your side of the field to your opponents monster card zone. if the monster zone is full, the tokens can be placed in spell/trap card zone.


Flower Bloom

Normal Trap

Special summon 4 "Yggdrasil Flower tokens" (100/100 earth plant 1star) to either side of the field in defense position. When a Yggdrasil flower token is destroyed by battle, increase the the controller of the tokens life points by the amount of the attack of the monster that destroyed it. At the end phase destroy the tokens and increase the controllers life points by 300 for every token destroyed by this effect.



Yggdrasil Fertilizer

quickplay spell

Discard the top card off your deck. If the card is a monster, Special Summon 1 Yggdrasil Root token. The token copies the stats and effect of the monster discarded. During your opponents standby phase, destroy the token summoned by this effect, and place 3 Yggdrasil Root tokens (100/0) on the field.


Root Drain

trap normal

Remove from play 1 card from your graveyard and pay half your life points. If a monster was removed, 1 Yggdrasil Root token in the monster zone gains the stats and effect of that monster. If the card was a magic or trap card, and you have a Yggdrasil Root token in your spell/trap zone, tribute that token and activate the effect of the card.


Root Stranglehold

normal trap

If your opponent used any number of Yggdrasil root tokens for a tribute summon or synchro summon, take control of that monster until it is removed from the field.



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