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The Office Buddies


Which set is better?  

  1. 1. Which set is better?

    • The Office Buddies
    • Attack of the Giantesses

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Since I could not post direct links I have re-modled this post to include clickable thumbnails instead of the direct links to the albums on photobucket. So sorry if you have a slow internet connection but there are a lot of cards.


NOTE: After a rethink the second set "Attack of the giantesses" has been removed but if you would still like to see it then please send me a PM as I can give you a link.

I have tried to make the cards in the set as legitimate looking as possible so if you spot any mistakes please, please tell me. I know there is room for improvement so as well as praise if you could just give some constructive criticisms. Please excuse the bad images for me its more about the effects of cards as I base my images around the cards not the cards around the images. In short if the card has a bad picture people will still use it if it has a good effect. If this set goes well I hope to make a third set called "Creature of the Deep" Which will be based around sea creatures from legend.


The set is called "The Office Buddies". The cards in this set are based on things you would find in an office for example a computer. The common theme in this set is that the cards do not need to attack as they can deal direct damage to the opponent's life points though there effects if certain conditions are met. They are a bit like the "Morphtronics" in that they have weak attack and defence and like the "Morphtronics" they have amazing effects to make up for this weakness.

NOTE: On the card "Office Bulb" yu gi oh card maker wouldn't recognize the dot I put next to its Gemini effect (dot is needed to make the card look legitimate).


Yes, these picutres are clip art from word but I am not a good drawer. When common office objects attack hope you like it…



th_OB01.jpg th_OB02.jpg th_OB03.jpg th_OB04.jpg th_OB05.jpg th_OB06.jpg th_OB07.jpg th_OB08.jpg th_OB09.jpg th_OB10.jpg th_OB11.jpg th_OB12.jpg th_OB13.jpg th_OB14-1.jpg th_OB15.jpg th_OB16.jpg th_OB17.jpg th_OB18.jpg th_OB19.jpg th_OB20-1.jpg th_OB21.jpg th_OB22.jpg th_OB23.jpg th_OB24.jpg th_OB25.jpg

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