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The Fool's Game - Lost Cause


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Fool's Game - Lost Cause


This is a game where friends become enemies, and enemies become- no, they'll probably stay enemies. This is a game about bombing people, and nothing else.


You must pay 50 points to me, the Dealer to enter.


How the Game Works:


- You, the player, recieve 2 points every round.


- You can PM the dealer, me, to cash in your points to bomb someone. That person will be notified if they are being bombed.


- If a person is successfully bombed, they are considered dead and are removed from the game at the end of the round


- If you are the bombee, you will recieve a PM that states this:

You are being bombed by __________ (Bomber's name).

Would you like to pay 1 point to negate the bomb?

Yes / No

Then reply with your selected option. If you pay a point to negate a bomb' date=' then you will be out of one way to bomb someone else, so be wary.


- If you don't have any points, but would like to protect yourself from a bomb, you can go into Point Debt. You can use up to 2 Debt Points per round. If you do not have 0 or more points by the end of a round, you are dead. So if you were in debt, you would have -1 or -2 Bomb Points.


The Marketplace System:


- Two players in the game can exchange Bomb Points for certain services such as:

- Avatars

- Sigs

- Points

- Custom Cards

If there are anymore requests for trades, ask me, the Dealer, about it.


- To sell an item, PM the Dealer with this template

I am selling: 
The price is: 
I am in debt: 

If you are in debt people might be more likely to buy your product. With that being said, they also might want to watch you suffer? Your application is a very important choice


- Items don't have to be listed to be sold, but it is a better way to make bomb points.


- To make a trade, the person doing the service (the one recieving the points) will send a PM to the dealer along these lines:

I am selling _________ for _________ for ________ Bomb Point(s).

Then the dealer will PM the person giving the points and confirm this. If this is not confirmed, the point trade will not be accepted.


- Points will be given to the person selling as he/she might be in debt and need said points before the round's end. If the buyer does not recieve the service by the end of the game, the seller will be automatically disqualified and will recieve a Neg Rep for every account of this action.




- Players are allowed to converse with each other through PM or other means about the Lost Cause game.

- You can only have 2 points at a time.

- If you would sell something and you have 2 points, after you spend a point the pending point will be recieved.

- YOU CANNOT SELL REP. No rep, it leads to scams and a big pain in the ass for me.


I will be taking notes of how many Bomb Points a player has, so do not try to cheat that way. (Cheat other ways)


So far, this is all. If certain rules are requested or needed, they will be added.

Have fun,





Hey' date='


I've a few questions about the game 'Lost Cause'.


  1. It says that I can cash in 'points' to bomb a person. So how many points does it cost?
  2. Can I gain a debt by bombing someone while not having enough points?
  3. If I have 2 points and a new round starts, will I get the points as soon as I get rid of the current 2 points, just like with selling?






1. It requires 1 point to bomb and negate a bomb.


2. No, you cannot bomb someone if you don't have enough points. The debt system was made to have more protection, and that reason only.


3. No. Every round you will receive two points. they will not be automatically replenished





Sakuya Izayoi

Exiro Divinus

Corporal Atlas





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