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Take a trip to the Glorious Monarchy of Sweden!


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Let's discuss the pic lolz of this small country in the North that's famous for having a prince that looks like Orlando Blooms twin brother*. Also, we, the epic swedes are the one who gives you people nice music like Hammerfal and In Flames, we're also the ones who created Caramelldansen!


Now a little bit about Swedish Geography! Sweden is the biggest country in Scandinavia and for your information our country looks like something that we won't speak of. Also, we have a big Wes Coast with lots of oil and money, altough this place is usually called Norway and for some reason it's treated as a seperate country, altough we all know that norwegians wouldn't survive without swedes! Oh rightz, we also has a farm to the south called Denmark, but we can't really comunicate with them since we can barely understand a word of what they say.

[spoiler=Map of Sweden]Scandinavian_map.jpg



Sweden started out as a country full of vikings, which were pillagers that traveled to Britain and French together with Norwegian vikings and stole they're hawt women, and that's why this specific indviduals is very common in Norway and Sweden. Somehow, we evolved into normal humans, altough we grew very lazy and stole a king from Napoleon. That's Swedish history in short for you.


Anyway, WELCOME TO SWEDEN! Where doing fifteen year old girls is not only legal, it's the national sport![/align]


Anyway, discuss the epicness of Sweden!


[spoiler=List of known Swedish YCMers]

Kuroda Naoki

Dealer Umbra





[spoiler=The prince of Sweden]ed07d327-8851-4aa1-b2d6-3db6bd2b29b7.jpg

Argh, he looks like a pirate doesn't he?


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Added some information about Denmark, and also:


The text above is not to be taken serious (except the fact that doing fifteen year old girls is the national sport, it is) and the jokes about Norway and Denmark is in no way meant to be an insult, just internet enteryainment.

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