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[JG] Death Note Tag [JG]


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I think I might finally have regained my touch (If I ever had one), after a few days of reading tuts. The following tag is the outcome.


[spoiler=Colour Version]





[spoiler=B&W Version]






I prefer the colour version, but that might just be because I like colour in a tag.



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I think that it is very good' date=' much greater than that of my capabilities. I agree with Kaden that the background does not match well with the render. Though, to me, it seems that [b']the render is just a little bit to the left and not quite centered all the way.[/b]


Applause to the young man in *insert colour here*! I was waiting for someone to spot that. And in regards to teh previous post, I was eeing when someone would spot it without me telling them. And thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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