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!! Super Monster Racers 2009 !! NEED MEMBERS !!! FREE ENTRY FEE !!!

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Welcome to the SMR 2009 Racing tournament!!

[spoiler=Read this before starting]

The plan is,when i think you will be 1st place in this contest,you will go closer to the ' Finish Line '.There will be three laps (3 rounds)!! It is a monster making contest with a racing twist!!




1.No spamming

2.anyone can join

3.no swear words

4.PAY entry fee before entering

5.just make a monster AND a car!!!!

6.make your cards quick!!!

7.Different cards each lap (round)





1st place 100 points,award certificate and (maybe) a trophy!!

2nd place 80 points and award certificate

3rd place 40 points and award certificate

4th place 20 points

others get voucher for 2 free items at my shop!!



[spoiler=End Date and entry fee]

1st of august




[spoiler=What to do]



Lots of racers are trying out for the Super Monster Racers 2009,only 12 will be in the finals.


(not unlocked yet)

Lap 1 : putting gas on your engine (Supporting cards,cards that help each other) 4 will be eliminated


(not unlocked yet)

Lap 2 : The race has started,but someone is in your way,STOP THEM!!!!what will you do?? (Trap card or spell card) 4 will be eliminated


(not unlocked yet)

Lap 3 : You can see the finish line,you are a tie with 3 other racers,what should you do?,should you get help from your pit crew or use your power cards?

(any card)





zombie maker(reserved)

Tainted Wisdom

Yu-gi-oh Dude




Lap 1 cards

[spoiler=Yu-Gi-Oh Dude]





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