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Contest: Zombie Zerato


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Here's Mine



Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

Malevolent Mech - Goku En

Paladin of the Cursed Dragon x3


Patrician of Darkness

Royal Keeper

Pyramid Turtle x2

Master Kyonshee

Spirit Reaper

Getsu Fuhma

Ryu Kokki x2

Zombie Master x3

Darklord Zerato

Zombie World x3

Spell Shattering Arrow

Card of Safe Return

Creature Swap x2

Book of Life x3

Call of the Mummy

Card Destruction

Dust Tornado

Bottomless Trap Hole x3

Tutan Mask


Magical Arm Shield

Mirror Force

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( 18 )

3 Darklord Zerato

2 The Dark Creator

1 Dark Armed Dragon

3 Zombie Master

2 Pyramid Turtle

2 Goblin Zombie

2 Phantom of Chaos

1 Plaguespreader Zombie

1 Sangan

1 Mezuki


( 17 )

3 Zombie World

3 Book of Life

2 Burial from a Different Dimension

2 Allure of Darkness

2 Trade-In

1 Card of Safe Return

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Monster Reborn

1 Brain Control

1 Heavy Storm


( 5 )

2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

1 Return from the Different Dimension

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Crush Card Virus


You won't be able to tribute summon Zerato with ZW on the field, but you can discard it with Trade-In, Vortex or PWWB and then bring it back with your usual Zombie revival. PoC can be used with Dark Creator, Zerato, DAD and maybe even Zombie Master depending on the situation, then the grave can be replenished with Burial from a D.D. Any other queries on the functioning of the deck then just go ahead and ask =)

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CCV can come out for a D.D.R. or a Foolish and DAD can come out for 1 Rose, Warrior of Revenge (good to sync into lv8 with Goblin Zombie and can be revived with Zombie Master for a lv8 sync if Zombie World is on the field).

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