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Herald Control

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well, i got bored sitting around so i made a control-based deck around the "Heralds of Light" you remeber those guys right? yea. me neither.


Deck: 40


Monsters: 20

Herald of Orange Light, 3x

Herald of Green Light, 3x

Herald of Purple Light, 3x

Hecatrice, 2x

Majestic Mech- Ohka, 2x

Splendid Venus, 2x

Tethys, Goddess of Light, 2x

Zeradias, Herald of light, 2x

Athena, 1x


Spells: 10

Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, 3x

The Sanctuary in the Sky, 2x

Magical Mallet, 1x

Monster Reborn, 1x

MST, 1x

Heavy Storm, 1x

Brain Control, 1x


Traps: 10

Solemn Judgement, 3x

Beckoning Light, 3x

Dark Bribe, 2x

Light of Judement, 1x

Torrential Tribute, 1x


this deck was oringinally going to be a counter-fairy deck, but that was boring, and way over used, so i made a different type of control based around the "Herald" monsters. this deck was made more on the purpose of being a fun-deck, nothing more.

no love?



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