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new traps and spell (diffrent sets)


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k here are some new traps and spells from three sets i am working on


[spoiler=swamps of nowere]208978l.jpg







all effects have to do with attacking



Suprise=Activate this when a monster is targeted for attack. For 100 Life Points change the target to another monster on yours, or your oppnonents side of the field.


captured=This can only be activated when a cards affect allows a monster to not be able to be targeted. negate this effect and attack the targeted monster.


Strike=This card can only be activated when one of your monsters are targeted for attack. change the target from your monster to your opponents monster and your monster can attack




[spoiler= Gracious stars]


[spoiler=lore]When this card is equiped to a monster, place the monster in defence position and change it's ATK and DEF to 300 and 700. the equiped monster must stay on the field for 3 turns or this effect is negated. at the end of the three turns, this monster gains 4 stars and regains it's origonal ATK and DEF.




[spoiler= stormfront]


[spoiler=support cards for this monster]









[spoiler=Receving the power lore]

This card can only be equiped to "Child Of Prophesy". The equiped monster gains 600/ATK per card in your hand.


[spoiler=Accepting The Power lore ]This card can only be equiped to "Child Of Prophesy" when it is already equiped to the card "Receving The Power". Send "Receving The Power" to the graveyard and the ATK that "Child Of Prophesy" had last becomes it's premenent ATK





i know it's alot of cards that have nothing remotley incomon but i would realy appreciate it if you were to help me. Hopefully the sets would come out soon thanks

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Not really good.


OCG: 1/10 (Spelling errors; OCG problems; No capitalization in the right places.)

Pictures: 8/10 (Good pictures.)

Effects: 7/10 (Some don't make perfect sense, but good overall)


Overall: 16/30


Just fix the OCG and these cards would be a lot better. :)

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