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Undying Celtic Hero


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Well, I wanted to make a card that showcased the awesomeness of one of my favourite cards. from what I can tell, the Celtic Guardian only gained an upgrade when his Obnoxious twin came along with a pretty sweet effect. other than that, he gained no love. no fusion monster, no monsters, spells or traps of the same mythos, yadda yadda yadda (Atleast, that's what I've heard)


so, I present to you the upgrade. The Undying Celtic Hero not only emphasises the pretty damn awesome effect, but also adds another one that seems like a watered down version of the Dark Paladin's effect.




This monster dannot be normal summoned or set. This card can only be special summoned by sacrificing "Obnoxious Celtic Guardian" from your side of the field. This monster is not destroyed in battle against a monster with 3000 ATK or more. This monster gains 100 ATK for each Warrior Type Card on either players field and in their graveyards.

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