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Zombie Drain

dead draw

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Beast King Barbaros x3

Skull Flame x3

Malevolent Mech - Goku En x3

Zombie Master x3

Pyramid Turtle x3

Despair From the Dark x1

Mezuki x1



Trade-In x3

Book of Life x3

Call of the Mummy x2

Soul Taker x2

CoSR x1

B-Con x1

Reborn x1



Skill Drain x3

Dark Bribe x3


BTH x2

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hmm... I'll consider PWWB

I'd rather keep Call of the Mummy, reason being that it's alot of my special summoning comes from it (assuming Zombie Master gets drained, which is likely), and it's the main way to get get out Despair.

but ponder it I shall

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