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Hi what's up!


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Welcome, my friend, to YCM.

I greet you with full honestly, that I actually left this site for full 6 months, and came back just a few minutes ago. So, I don't want to lie with a false greeting saying "Enjoy your stay!"


Though, I was lured back here because of the addicting essance this site holds.


Welcome, and surely you will make the right choices for this site, and for you.


Come PM me if you want to chat, or make a friend.

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let me be hte third 5 star member to say,


welcome to YCM! get your crap and leave. lol, jk of course.


but in all seriousness, people testy, don't spam, don't flame, don't make fun of any one where it isn't due, and please, PLEASE, if you post cards, use photobucket. that is all.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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