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This is a really really really really old deck - But I'd Like some Helpz!

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I'm trying (I hope something good comes from this..) to re build an old deck that had some fun back in the days...it is a deck known as SaturnBurn....I believe it is called like that...


Anyway here's the deck list.


3 x The Agent of Judgment - Saturn

2 x Zeradias, Herald of Heaven

1 x Marshmallon

2 x Tehtys, the Goddess of Light

1 x Hecracite

3 x Splendid Venus

2 x Sky Scourge Enrise

3 x Broww, Huntsman of Dark World


3 x The Sanctuary in the Sky

3 x Celestial Transformation

3 x Inferno Reckless Summon

2 x Valhalla

3 x Trade-In

3 x Dark World Dealings

3 x Potion of the Old Man

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Heavy Storm


So the Idea is Odd I believe it needs a lot of improvements...but Well...It is a Burn Otk that consist on Celest/Infer Summon 3 Saturn And The sanctuary

Using Old potion's to increase your Life points to 9200 and burn the opponent to death by tributing the 3 Saturns.

Like this:

Saturn #1

Your LP: 9200


Difference/Burn Damage:1200


Saturn #2

Your LP: 9200


Difference/Burn Damage:2400


Saturn #3

Your LP: 9200


Difference/Burn Damage:4800



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I proxied 75 random opening hands for numerous different decks. Optimistically this will win 25% of all duels agains the following (generically built) decks.


Lightsworn Synchro (14%)

Twighlight (33%)

Macro Monarch (4%)

Synchro Monarch (2%)

GB (32%)

Tele-Dad. (19%)

Monarch Beatdown (26%)

I know the percentage thing sounds wierd but I really found this concept interesting.

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