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Six Samuri

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Mine has done pretty well. Heres some advice:


1. Everyone runs 3 grandmasters. Run 2, you can only have 1 on the field anyway so that way you only get them when you need them.


2. Limit the deck to less than 45 cards. Any more will restrict the flow of the deck.


3. ONLY 1 ENISHI. some people like him but only use him foor backup.


4. Marauding captains can be a big help.


5. Limit your six samurais to only 2 copies or less.


6. If your hearts bound on synchros, limit the deck to LVL 6's like goyo or gaia. You don't want too many different level tuners.


These techniques have helped me face pretty much any deck I know except Blackwings. I say go for it.

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Is running a six samuri deck a good idea?


Depends on two things.


1. Is it for casual play or tournament play.

2. How much money you have, cause Six Sams can get expensive. Especialy if you plan to run Solemn, bribe, gold sarc, etc.

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