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Not so good.


Pictures: 7/10 Make them more like actual cards.

OCG: 3/10 Terrible OCG (Original Card Grammar)

Effects: 5/10 I understood them but they could use improvement.


Overall: 5/10


Check out the OCG thread in the Realistic Cards section.


Also, if you added these Trap Cards to a different set you should edit the old post instead of making a new one. I'm not sure what the Trap Cards were added to. : |

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It is sitl pretty good correct

It is still pretty good correct


Instead of posting again because u mispelt why not just edit?


Joey' date=' dont Neg rep me because of this (that'd be just sad) but........ur not that good of a Card Maker. Why dont u read the OCG thread (Here) and then ur cards will get better. Also, try to think of innovative effects. Things that people havn't done before

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