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Shadowsworns Wave II, Part I(plz read and reply


what do you think of doule types  

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  1. 1. what do you think of doule types

    • an awsome way to reap benefits for both types
    • a waste of time and resources

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here are the first two monsters from shadowsworn wave 2 part 1 aout of 5.






if you are wondering why their are 2 types instead of the usual 1 type: its to add something new to the set that not only introduces the next set of cards but also to introduce a new card type known as dual type. dual type monsters are special because unlike single types which uses cards that can only be used on that type. EX: marauding captain cannot be use dragon treasure but if added a dragon type with the warrior which is known as double type, not only will marauding captain can use dragon treasure but he can use any card that targets either dragon or warrior. which means he can unlock benefits for both warrior and dragons, like summoning 5 headed dragon without DNA surgery.

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