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Attention Customers! Testicles! That Is All.


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Monsters: 20

x3 Zombie Master

x1 Mezuki

x3 Turtle

x2 Il Blud

x3 CB Pegasus

x3 Tiger

x2 Cat

x1 Mammoth

x1 Ruby

x1 Rescue Cat

x1 Pleaugespreader


Spells: 16

x3 Z-World

x2 Book of Life

x2 Abundance

x2 Beacon

x2 Rare Value

x1 Promise

x1 Blessing

x3 Book of Moon


Traps: 4

x1 Torrental

x3 Decree


Synchros: Generic


Total: 40


yeah, don't ask.....that's all i ask

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it's actually really easy to get abundance with this, zombie worlds out, your CB's are zombies, using stuff like Il Blud, z-master and book you can bring out multiple times, get your CB's in and use abundance!!!!


lol, actually i have no funking idea how it's supposed to work, i got bored, and now i'm bored again, POST ANOTHER TOPIC!!!!

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