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Fortune Ladies, until these become popular.


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these looked fun.

i have to be honest.

the support is too far away, so i just grabbed what was readily available.

im not going to pretend this is amazing, but i think it has some synergy.

also, im not theme slaving, they do form a toolbox.



1 chaos

3 water

3 light

3 dark

1 earth

1 wind

1 fire

3 noisy gnat

1 plague

2 gale

3 exemplar



1 reasoning

1 monster gate

1 reborn

3 magical dimension

1 poa

1 heavy

1 trunade

2 allure

2 secret village

3 future fortune

1 cosr




deck 40


+generic extra deck


i incorporated some lockdown, just because it fit, with secret village, bind and level lim.

the allures fit in.

a lot of it is staples.

theres some generic spellcaster support, and chaos, cuz it fits.

reasoning and monster gate came from the wikia.

exemplar was my touch.

plague and gale are for the obvious tuning opportunities. gale is also there to help my ladies bum rush over some guys. for dark's effect.


and last, my favorite card here, the noisy gnat.

i like the idea of him as like, a mini honest.

a REAL mini honest.

but its still funny.







i may call this my captain planet deck.






i think i got those out of order.


/listens to earth wind and fire.


nuff trollin.

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did not realize that future vision was a field...


i like the toolbox inherent in these.

so ima work on puttin in future.

and since i have secret village already..

maybe an earthbound..

i dunno that i need it



ill work on this tonight

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i mentioned the gnat as a random mini honest that also serves to manip synchros.


earthy was actually my random beater, given its default of 24.


i can see the use of a tt though.


- a gnat for it, i think...

will update later.



also, calc is... mediocre.

it only works in junk because of the junk synchron.

they combo to epic proportions.

calc works better in like, yubel and fat people decks.


i get how its attack would be changing randomly...

i dunno

i see too many possibilities here, and im spreading too much for the tool box.

i also see a way i could make this flat up chaos style, but i dont want to.

too expensive then >.>


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