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Life is just some Misery Business (A life RP) Accepting by Post

Mrs. SHINee <3

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[spoiler=Plot]You live your life in Tokyo,Japan.How will you live your life and of course i will add something to make all your lives horrible ;)



Appearence: (Discription or Pic)


Job: (Optional)




[spoiler=My app]


Appearence: (Discription or Pic) My Avi


Job: (Optional) Singer

Bio:(Optional) NONE

Crush:(Optional)NONE yet


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May as well join. And swatking55, you still gotta get me. =D


Name: Roze

Appearence: (Discription or Pic) girlinbluedress.jpg

Personality: Funny, nice, smart, caring

Job: (Optional) Signer, saxaphonist, and guiatrist

Bio:(Optional) ---

Crush:(Optional) valon/ zack (she can't decide)

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