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Welcome. I hope you all enjoy this RP. This is actually an idea me and my friends have gotten a really long time ago. I just hope that this lasts for a while.



You feel a nearby presence. Then suddenly you are attacked. You are able to block it but you seem to feel how much this person held back. When you regain your balance the person is gone and in their place is a letter. You open it and all it says is, "Will you join the academy?" Well, will you? Or is this your chance to destroy it? What will you do in Kaisen Academy.


To put things simply: You're asked to join an academy that revolves all kinds of different classes (As in knight, ninja, mage, etc.). You of course are a member of one of these classes. But there is a group trying to destroy this school so that nobody can be taught and strengthened so they can take over the world with no hassle. Take note that there are also monsters in this world.




1) No spamming.

2) No advertising.

3) No godmodding.

4) If you could, try to PM me questions.

5) If it's something multiple people want to know then feel free to ask on this thread.

6) I have all right not to accept you. Don't complain if I say no.

7) Be active.

8 ) Do not control other people's characters without their permission.







Appearance(Pictures, no tek tek):








[spoiler=My App]

Name: Vayne Zeros

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Minus the kunai) hotblonde.jpg

Personality: Has a mainly calm personality.

Class: Dragoon

Weapon(s): Two guantlet-like weapons. Both can be used for simple punches.

Left- A dragon's head that can open up to have a sword pop out. It can split into five blades to create a claw-like weapon.

Right- A dragon's head that can open up to reveal a mini-cannon.

Side: Good

Bio: Will be revealed in the RP.



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Name: Zeke Tranis

Age: 13

Gender: M

Appearance(Pictures, no tek tek): angel-1.jpg

Personality: Shy and timid

Class: Angel Gunman


- He can sprout wings (In Image)

- 2 semi-automatic duil wield Holy Bullet (Shoots bullets with concintrated lazer in them Meaning - stronger) pistals


- Holy bullet (Shoots a thin Blue laser) Sniper (Looks like above pistals exept shaped like sniper)

- Can make wings steel to cut down enamys

Side: Good

Bio(optional): Zeke's parents died when he was young

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Haseo is a cold person, he finds it hard to get close to people or trust them. He has few friends both because of his attitude and reputation.


Dual Gunner


Dual Guns(In Apperance)


Good (Anit-Hero)




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