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The Legend of Zelda (4/?)

Morgan LeFlay

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[spoiler=Rules for Avatar Spell Cards]An Avatar Spell Card is activated, or Set, into a Field Spell Zone. Its Spell Speed is 1, the same as Field Spell Cards. The difference is that when you activate an Avatar Spell Card, your opponent's Field/Avatar cards are not destroyed, and likewise to yours if your opponent activates a Field or Avatar Spell Card.


At the beginning of a match, if you are using an Avatar Spell Card in your Deck, you must announce it to your opponent. If both players are announcing an Avatar Spell Card in their Deck, they must immediately play it; this is referred to as "Avatar Activating" the card. If a card is Avatar Activated, it remains in play for the entire match, cannot be removed from the field and is unaffected by all card effects, except those that specify Avatar Spell Cards.



Original OCG used: If a monster would destroy another monster by battle, it "defeats" the monster regardless if that monster is actually destroyed.


Anyway..here is the beginning of my new set. I don't have a whole lot yet but there will be a whole lot more in the future. Image credit images.google.com (I did the grayscale effects on the Triforce)






[spoiler=Young Link, Hero of Time]This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Triforce of Courage". When this card is Summoned, add 8 Heart Counters to this card (max. 8). This card cannot be destroyed by battle. This card cannot be flipped face-down, change control, or be used as a cost. You take no Battle Damage from battles involving this card. If this card would be removed from the field by a card effect, remove 1 Heart Counter from it instead. If this card is defeated by battle, remove 1 Heart Counter from this card, plus 1 Heart Counter for each increment of 800 that this card was defeated by. If there are no Heart Counters on this card, you lose the Duel.


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