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My first card ever


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Aiku: Another dragon, like this site doesn't have enough of it.


OCG: The OCG was fixed, so your points on that decreased.

Effect: For a Dragon-type card, I wasn't expecting much of a super, awesome effect it's pretty much repeative at the end. Plus, it looks like a lot of the effect of the evolution of Red-Eyes Dragon for some hood reason.

Image and Name: This pic isn't too much used on the site, but I'll have to say that I don'i like it. It's an ugly pic. BUt, it fit with the name enough.


Overall: 6.3/10

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Dont ask us not to comment negatively =/ we have a right to comment however we want.



Another dragon. (-3)

Card effect is boring (-1)

Needs another effect (-1)

Unoriginal (-2)

OCG errors (-2)

Slightly OP (-2)



OCG fix:

"Increase this monster's ATK by 300 for each Dragon-Type monster in each player's Graveyard."

Boring and OP. Cut it to just your graveyard otherwise it has potential to get to atleast 4000. down the attack boost to...200. and increase the level by 1.


Other then that its ok i guess

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OCG fix: For every Dragon-type monster in both player's graveyards' date='this monster gains 300 ATK points. (Someone correct me if I am wrong).Also,8/10.



For each Dragon-Type monster in both player's Graveyards, increase the ATK by 300 points.

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