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Six Samurai Deck

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I don't have every card, so I made some adjustments with the cards i do have.


Monsters (20)

3 The Six Samurai - Irou

2 Shien's Footsoldier

3 The Six Samurai - Zanji

1 Marauding Captain

1 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai

2 The Six Samurai - Yariza

2 The Six Samurai - Kamon

1 Spirit of the Six Samurai

1 Six Samurai - Nisashi

1 Six Samurai - Yaichi

3 Chamberlain of the Six Samurai


Spell Cards (10)

1 Demise of the Land

1 Shien's Castle of Mist

2 The Warrior Returning Alive

1 Legendary Ebon Steed

1 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou

1 Fighting Spirit

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Monster Reincarnation

1 Card Trader


Trap Cards (10)

2 Swiftstrike Armor

1 Waboku

1 Swift Samurai Storm

1 Double-Edged Sword Technique

2 Return of the Six Samurai

1 Remote Revenge

1 Breakthrough!

1 Covering Fire

1 Sakuretsu Armor


Any suggestions, just say it. I Edited it, got some new packs :) and getting three more Crimson Crisis today to help my Blackwing deck.

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I just died a little bit inside. Try this.


Total: 40


Monsters: 18

Grandmaster x3

Shogun x2

Zanji x3

Irou x2

Hand x2

Spirit x2


Van'Dalgyon x2



Spells: 12






Gold Sarc x2

Warrior Returning Alive x2

Six Samurai United x3


Traps: 10

Solemn x3

Bribe X3

Bottomless x3



Extra: Generic

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