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Oracles (PG-13)


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by: Nazello


Once there existed a land, long ago, in a parallel universe. In this land, there were many of the same things that you and I have today. There were computers, and television, and even roads and cars. There were a few differences, though. Magic was abundant and available to anyone with ingredients. Some children were also born with special magical powers. That is what this story is about, the five magical children.


In this land, there was a tyrant king. This king ruled the entire planet. He could do anything at his whim. There was one catch. The cruel master couldn’t use magic. To change this, he ordered all his spell casters to create a staff of unimaginable power, a staff that could bend the very fabric of time. With this, the world would be doomed to eternal suffering…


[spoiler=Chapter 1: The Dream]


Nicholas Anthony Zerose sat in his bed and stared at his digital clock. It was one in the morning. Nick was a tem year old boy. He knew he had a vivid imagination, but right now he was scared. Yesterday, during dinner, he suddenly saw visions of a black castle looming over the land, then a scroll with information about weaknesses and strengths against the holy knights. He didn’t even know who the holy knights were. The words on the scroll seemed to burn in his head so he would never forget.


He woke up with his parents looking at him. He looked completely fine. He was still in his chair. What had happened? “Are… Are you ok?” His mom asked. Nick didn’t say anything, and nodded. He quickly ate and went in his room. There he sat for the next six hours, thinking of what had happened. Was it just a dream? Or was it a vision of the future?


Suddenly, the door burst open. Men in black army suits rushed in and threw smoke bombs. Nicholas was grabbed by the arm at each side by two men, almost snapping his arm like a twig. Before the smoke engulfed him and he fell asleep, he saw a cross on the side of the soldiers arm, a blood red color.



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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Ah... short much? An intriguing concept, but there's no detail. Those events, combined with a little stream-of-consciousness, could easily fill a page.

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