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Silver Lining

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RP IS FINALLY HERE!!! http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-136745.html!


Everyone give a round of applause to the fourth edition to the most wonderful RP series ever, яєƒℓє¢тισηѕ! *And to those of you who are still participating in the third, don't get your knickers in a knot. We will not start until it is finished!* In this spectacular saga, you'll meet werewolves, shape shifters, psychics and even vampires! If you'd like to see what these mythical creatures have been up to until now, feel free to take a break and read the other three rps.


Treasure (Renamed it due to copyright resrictions):









[spoiler= Form]

Full Name:


(If Vampire;) Vegetarian, or human blood?:




Bio [Please include at least three sentences]:




[spoiler= My form, Aly]

Full Name: Alyson Gabriella Loveless.

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Vampire.

(If Vampire;) Vegetarian, or human blood?: Vegetarian.

Age: Eighteen.

Status: Isn't sure at the moment.

Personality: Persistent, melodramatic, usually nice.

Bio [Please include at least the sentences]: Hell. Hell. Hell.

Appearance: Girl_Portrait__by_asuka111.jpg (Only a little less Asian looking)



[spoiler= My Form, Bliss]

Full Name: Bliss Ammai Loveless/Bradforth

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: ?

(If Vampire;) Vegetarian, or human blood?: ?

Age: 5 months

Status: Single.

Personality: Shy, cheerful, loveable.

Bio [Please include at least three sentences]: Bliss was born after her mom was... ahem... raped... *shudders* by a "friend". She had a happy life with two perfect parents, until she was vanished by an evil person. Her parents eventually found her, but the relief didn't last long.

Appearance: 902dba3239490cac.jpg




*We need more werewolves! It would be hugely appreciated![/align]

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I'll go first:


Full Name: Leon Lonewolf

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Vampire

(If Vampire:Wink: Vegetarian, or human blood?: Vegetarian

Age: 17

Status: Single

Personality: Friendly, Honorable, Dark,

Bio [Please include at least three sentences]:Parents were killed when he was young. He was run over by some Senior jerks during Prom and was left for dead until a vampire changed him. He collects unique swords. If he sees his friends in danger, he will happily put his body and "life" on the line to protect them.

Appearance: AnimeGuy.jpg

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Full Name: Britney Colada

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Vampire

(If Vampire Vegetarian, or human blood?: A mix of both

Age: 17

Status: Single (Is Bi)


Bio [Please include at least three sentences]:She was one of the beautiful girls in high school.But one day she was surrownded by a bunch of boys.She was then raped and throw onto the street to die.She was then bitten by a vampire and she was left alone in the world.She then killed all the boys who caused her her torture.

Appearance: 7dc4f2dcc73f71bdcc116631.jpg

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Actually, forget my old app, use these-

Full Name: Kaisu Sanyura

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: WereWolf

Age: 16

Status: Single

Personality:Cheerful, friendly, cruel, evil.

Bio [Please include at least three sentences]:He was born a WereWolf, and he does not know that he is one, as he cannot remember anything he does as a Werewolf. When he is angry, he is cruel and evil and unlike his usual self. He is also unaturaly strong, something that baffles even him.

Appearance: 2ikba0k.jpg


Full Name: Dark Harrison

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Human?

Age: 16

Status: Single

Personality:Cheerful, happy, friendly, smooth.

Bio [Please include at least three sentences]:Unlike his name, Dark, he is a friendly person who is always in a happy mood in public. He likes singing and dancing, and other upbeat things. He is known to his friends as 'Jake', as Dark does not suit him. He is one who gets along with most people.

Appearance: Blonde hair that goes down to his neck at the sides, a white tee shirt and black jacket, pale skin, jeans.

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Full Name: Seito Mashima

Vampire/Shapeshifter/werewolf/Human: ??? ((Nine Tail Fox))

Age: Human form - 18, Nine Tail Fox - 10,000

Status: Single

Personality: Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent

and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy.. Temperamental.

Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals.

Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness s. Too

sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show

it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows

it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp.

Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside

not outside.

Bio: Seito Mashima was born amoung human cause his father was a nine tail and his mother was human. He was treated different from everyone and his other creatures beside human. As time past his mother pass away and his father told him that their race was about to go excintance. He started not only for his own but also to raise a family with someone. ((That's all I came come up with.))

Appearance: Appearance: Human form-Akuma-1.jpg

Fox form- http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv292/Th3_W0lf_N1nja_Kakashi/Nine_tailed_Fox_by_Vyrilien.jpg

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Full Name: Rokujo Miharu
(If Vampire) Vegetarian, or human blood?: Human Blood, but can hold back.
Age: ?? (I dunno) Looks around 19(ish)
Status: Single(ish)
Personality: Dark, Secretive, Strong sense of security (Officially now)
Rokujo was at first in love with Alyson Loveless since she first came to his school. However, as time passed, he slowly drifted away from her, and eventually, he was forced to leave the town since he defeated Aro. When he came back, he was possessed by a spirit from another dimension know as Fiacre. Rokujo finally, after much effort, banished the spirit to hell, with his body, so he is now searching for his body while Mokuro, is with Aly.
Appearance: http://micchu.deviantart.com/art/Legend-of-the-Vampire-III-43130539
Full Name: Mokuro Miharu
(If Vampire) Vegetarian, or human blood?: Human Blood, but like his older brother, he can hold back, but only just.
Age: Seems around 15(ish)
Status: Single <_< He is 15, the rest are older than he is.
Personality: Thinks all Humans are worthless, hating, secretive
As Rokujo's younger brother, he should usually be a pain. However, as Rokujo's only family left, he has been with Rokujo since the rest of the family disappeared. Now living with Alyson Loveless, whom he hates because of the fact that she destroyed the family, mainly Rokujo, who acted differently, has to make sure that she doesn't get herself into an actually mess not even called a mess, but more of a troubling event.
Appearance: http://bluemonika.deviantart.com/art/vamp-guy-78888814
New appearance:
Full Name: Lucifer (von Hexen)*
He is none of the listed creatures
Age: ??
Status: Always Single
Personality: Dark, Sinister, Strategic
Known as the Morning Star, Lucifer was banished from Heaven as he rebelled against God. Now banished, he wishes to have his blood line stopped, so he killed the entire Miharu family, witht he exception of Rokujo and Mokuro, for they were not in the area. However, Mokuro and Rokujo don't know that Lucifer was the one who killed them, and now, he is going to try to kill both Rokujo and Mokuro.
Appearance: http://oloferla.deviantart.com/art/Lucifer-49823275

(??)*= Parenthesis states that is his name on Earth.
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I'ma RP this.


Full Name: Heikichi Murasame

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Werewolf

Age: 15

Status: Betrothed - Arranged marriage

Personality: Curious, cheeky, oblivious, disregards personal space

Bio [Please include at least three sentences]: Heikichi was born into a royal bloodline of werewolves. He never really understood or cared about bloodlines or feuds and often interacts with common folk to his parents' disapproval. Heikichi is very rich, but does not act in the snobbish way that everyone in his family does. He was arranged a bride since his birth, to keep his family's bloodline pure. He has never met his bride-to-be. To control his werewolf transformation, he and his family drinks a concoction of various herbs, but sometimes, it doesn't work.

Appearance: Bright red hair down to his knees, furry dog ears on the top of his head, a fang in his smile. Bright yellow eyes. Average height, slight frame.

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Full Name: Miranda "John" Rynk

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Shapeshifter

(If Vampire Vegetarian, or human blood?:

Age: 200

Status: single

Personality: evil

Bio [Please include at least three sentences]: He was born exactly like his mother and was named Miranda after her. He eventually changed into his real form at the age of 20. When he changed everybody thought they were going crazy and took 3 years to accept the fact. He's was sent to a remote island at the age of 30 with plenty of knowledge. He survived off the land untill he was 180. And really wondered how he had lived to even 100. Now he's 200 and is planning his escape into civilization to cause havic.

Appearance: shapeshifter.jpg

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Full Name: Kyle Allen Johnson


If Vampire, Vegetation or Human Blood: Combo(Some Human, mostly Vegetation)

Age: 20(2 years of being a vampire)

Status: Single

Personality: Laid-back, can be calm, & crazy. He is calm around other people whom have no blood. But now he can control his craziness. He now only drinks extra blood from hospitals. Which they have no need for.

Bio: As you know, Kyle has only been a vampire for 2 years. It happened after a party, & they were the only sober ones. They got on a roof, & were talking when a vampire came behind them. They all sensed him because of how he landed, & slid off. Kyle however, slid off too late & the vampire got him. He went limp & they all thought he died. They somehow landed & had no injuries, they immedietly got up & when they came back, he was gone.

Appearance: Check the Blaze sign-up thread pg. 2.

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Do you three promise to stay active? Because every time someone signs up' date=' they rp for about two pages and then leave.



You remember the situation with Fiacre coming (Actually Rokujo, see Rokujo's Bio)?

I made that timing perfect, someone sensed Pure Drac bloodline, and bam, Fiacre/Rokujo came up.



So for me, it's all about the timing.

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Are we allowed to choose other? Like in Infinity? Also, I'm sorry I stopped posting, I was away for 2 days and when I came back... I didn't know where it had gone O.o.


Full Name: Felicia Tomera Rahmane

Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/Human: Other (Fairy)

(If Vampire Vegetarian, or human blood?:

Age: 18

Status: Single

Personality: Headstrong, Outgoing, Stubborn, Kind of... lost. (Occasionally, although she was around it, she doesn't know whats going on.)

[spoiler=Bio]Her family hailing from Italy, Felicia was teased about her Italian culture in Elementary school by many kids saying to her "Go eat some sgaphetti, Itty!" and "Where's your pizza, Tally!?". After she moved on to Junior High, things were going pretty smooth, until her brother became an alcoholic. Every night (since their parents died) he would come home drunk, and beat her. One ordinary day at school her friends noticed bruises on her arms and jumped to the conclusion of her brother. He was immediately put on trial, and he lost. After he was put in jail, Felicia was adopted by her friends family. "But only until I'm 18!" Felicia remarked. And she kept that promise. At her current age, she shares an apartment with the friend that adopted her. Felicia spread her wings at her current age, but didn't tell her friend about it.


[spoiler=Appearance]new7.jpg But more tan.


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