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Revolutionary Champion [Helpful Comments Get +Rep!]


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Rate, comment whatever you guys need to do.


[i think the picture and name suited this card's effect, the reason in the picture being that you can see an army of followers behind him, and in the name because he's starting a revolution against your opponent. :P ]

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Good pic.


OCG Fix:

"Once per turn, select 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field. By paying Life Points equal to the selected monster's ATK, you can switch the control of the selected monster to your control. Increase this cards ATK by 100 and decrease it's DEF for every monster in your opponent's Graveyard."


This card is incredibly OP. You need to give limitation on the Level of the monster you can take control of and you also need to have another drawback =/. you should toss the increase this too to de-OP it. Also you need to have a duration on how long you can keep your opponent's mosnter =/


OCG (-2)

Wording (-2)

OP (-3)


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