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Spellcaster Cards!


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This is just a start to my Spellcaster collection!

Plz comment and rate!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: I don't own any of the pics



'Divine Ritualist' + '1 Spellcaster type monster'

This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon.

Once per turn, you can Special Summon one monster from your hand.



Thanks for looking!

Plz comment and rate!!!!! :P

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Elementalist - Gystei (8/10 OCG a little off.)

Elementalist - Suroei (9/10 That is good. I like it)

Elementalist - Yutei (8/10 OCG is quite good, good job.)

Blue Flame Magician - Kuray (9/10 OCG is Great.)

Red Flame Magician - Faray (9/10. OCG is pretty much spot on.)

Mar'Tine - The Mage Of Light (8/10 Great card. OCG is good)

Divine Ritualist (10/10 good OCG, Great Pic, Well done.)

El'Tereg - The Magician of Eternal Soul (9/10 Nice Card.)

Golden Mage of Starlight (9/10 OCG is good, I like the effect. Well done.)


Overall 8.8/10


Well Done.

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Aiku: I'm a magician too! (...) I can summon a donut!

Phanax: >_> ... Forget him.


OCG: Minor errors:

one = 1

Spell or Trap card = Spell or Trap Cards

graveyard = Graveyard

on your side of the field = you control


Effect: Too simple effect for them, but only your Synchro have a good effect quality into it.

Image and Name: Alright, but edit your images to not see the signatures of the artists, it's killing the beauty of the pic.


Overall: 6.4/10

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