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New concpet deck

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this 1 is a phantom beast deck, since their now commons in the gold set, i can get them more easily.


3x rock lizard

3x cross wing

3x wild horn

3x thunder pegasus

3x gazel the king of mythical beasts

3x exarion universe

3x pitch black warwolf

2x manticore of darkness


3x wild natures release

1x monster reborn

1x swords of revealing light

1x brain control

2x cold wave

1x MST

2x lightning vortex

2x foolish burial


1x torential tribute

1x mirror force

3x bottemless traphole


crosswing an pegasus are best in the grave, which is why i have the foolish burials, but can be used on the field, exarion is the most balanced lv4 piont wise 1800/1900. wild hor for piercing, crossing for piont boost, pegasus for protection, and rock lizard for itmidation, if rock lizard is destroy by an opponets effect, it deals 2000 damge to the opponet.


and if you dont like this deck, please just dont bother posting comments, im not in the mood for it today. id only like positive comments on the deck please.

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Looks cool. I am going to make a PB Deck now they are common as well, but mine works around Skill Drain.......


Anyway with your deck:


I am not sure, but I would put in a Giant Trunade over a Cold Wave, as it means you can activate your traps during their turn. I would also put in Threatening Roars somewhere, as they could help stall in moments of crisis........


Probably best to follow someone elses advice though ........



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