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Michael Jackson-King of Pop Card Contest

ayy lmao

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Welcome All,

This contest is in loving memory of Michael Jackson.If you don't like Michael Jackson don't even bother posting in this thread, seriously.




People I need the Entry Fee by the 15th or you're disqualified.10 Points.



[spoiler=Contest Rules]

1.No Spamming, Flaming, Flooding, Trolling, Swearing.


2.Contest Rules Apply.


3.All YCM Rules Apply.


4.Entry Fee is 10 points.(Ranges between what level you are)


5.The card needs to be a Michael Jackson card.PM me if you choose otherwise and I'll decide.


6.Have fun and enjoy.







1. 200 Points+3 Rep


2. 100 Points+2 Rep


3. 50 Points+1 Rep





[spoiler=End Date]

20th July 2009.3:00 EST





[spoiler=Accepted Members]

1.LuigiFan#1 (Points Sent)

2.Baska (Points Not Sent)

3.froggyman2 (Points Not Sent)

4.Yu-Gi-Oh Dude (Points Sent)

5.Akoolgie800 (Points Not Sent)

6.ironmanben (Points Sent)



















Please Enjoy.[/align]

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1st reserved to i rly wanna join.

2nd i dont have to much points and 2 contests running so how do i get points?

3rd I'm sorry to say this but the MJ we loved died 20 years ago (when he got his first operation) But i rly loved him

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