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OMEGLE! DARN you have Done it again..

Mors Secundis

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This is why we cant have nice things..


You: asl

Stranger: hi x

Stranger: 19, london, f

You: Sup

Stranger: instresterd in f /

Stranger: m

You: yay in my are too bad im only 15...

You: M

You: Msn?

Stranger: oh well your never too young

Stranger: ;) lol

You: Lol i agree

Stranger: soo..

Stranger: lost yur virginity

You: Nope but i sure as hell want oo

You: *too

Stranger: oh yh

Stranger: well you should

Stranger: its great

You: I know i should

You: Not very good with girls

Stranger: aww bless

Stranger: you still in high school

You: Yea year 10

Stranger: wat counntry

You: England

Stranger: oh reaally

You: yup

Stranger: so your doing your gcses

You: Yes

You: I was advanced in maths so ive fineshed them already glad i got them out the way.

Stranger: oh rite your really clever

Stranger: wat music u into

Stranger: ;)

You: A variety Pop, rock, R+B, Eminem

Stranger: i like mainly rock like punk and some r n b

You: Nice so what Bands you into

You: o did i forget to say Punk Lol

You: So Bands?

Stranger: like paramore, umeatsix, papa rouch, a7x

Stranger: and stuff like that

Stranger: and 3 days grace my fave

You: Wow So i suppose youv'e haerd decode by paramore.. not my fav but it one of them.

You: You heard of all american rejects

Stranger: yh corse i love all american reject sooo much

Stranger: u a fan

You: Yes bug fan

You: *big lo9l

You: U have Msn?

Stranger: lol

Stranger: yh but dnt really use it

Stranger: sorry

Stranger: i have face book u?

You: YEa

Stranger: oh ok

Stranger: but i dnt want anything more

Stranger: ive got webcam ;)

You: Kk

Stranger: do u ? :)

You: Yes i do

You: but I'll have to find it...

You: can i add you on facebook

Stranger: yh

Stranger: my name is

Stranger: ..........

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