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Fusion contest!!!!! round 2/3 coming soon Added REPS as prizes don't enter yet


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Here is part 2 of the fusion contest. This is a little different. This contest is for dragon fusions only. only 2 stars or more may enter. The entry fee is 5 points. Here are the rules:

rule 1:must have a dragon picture

rule 2:must have an attack an defense of 5000 or less

rule 3:no divine - beast dragons allowed

rule 4:you have to have the monsters needed for the fusion with the magic card.

rule 5:if it has an effect it must be good

rule 6:it must have a good description

Good luck to everyone!


July 21 - September 15




1st:35 points 5 REPS

2nd:26 points 3 REPS

3rd:24 points 2 REPS



here is an example


These are powerful water dragons. If I see any divine - beasts dragons, I will pm the owner he/she is disqualified

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