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Rate these cards?


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@[email protected]' ok ok time for this hard rating rater to do her stuff =/



Soul Eater = Terrible picture (-1)

Needs an effect (-1)

OCG bad (-2)

Attack is way to high for a fusion of those 2 =/ should be around 2600 (-1)


Possessed Zombie= Terrible Pic for this card (-1)

OCG errors (-2)

Wording is off (-2)

Terrible Effect due to simpleness (-1)

OCG Fix:

"When this card is Normal Summoned, if your opponent controls a DARK monster whose ATK is equal to or lower then the original ATK of this card, switch control of the card to you until the End Phase of the turn this card was Summoned."


Soul Eating Fiend = OCG Errors (-2)

Terrible effect (-3)

Just scrap this cards effect and give it a new one =/ its terrible


Overall = no creativity (-5)

10/30 :[ I'm sorry but these cards dont even have ideas behind them.


(Sorry For Sounding Mean. Im Just An Extremely Tough Rater ;.; )

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