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[align=center]( T e a m G F X )

Welcome to TGFX, a YCM GFX team. Here you can get CnC on your works, share resource sites, and share PSDs and XCFs.

This is a fairly simple club rules-wise. Just don't spam, and all YCM rules apply.


To join, just ask, and I will decide whether or not you are accepted.



Then make a club button please.





Q: Why was this club created?

A: To help people become better at GFX.


Q: What does TGFX mean?

A: Well, there are several meanings, choose whichever one you want, Team GFX, Total GFX, and whatever else you think of.


Q: Can I be a club leader?

A: Prove that you should be.


Q: What are PSDs and XCFs?

A: Shareable files containing all of the layers of a work, un-rasterized. They are used so that members can share every piece of their work and not just the whole.


Q: Why isn't there a banner?

A: Because no one has made one yet.




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Nice. And yes, this club has definitely had its ups and downs, Madsen.


What does everyone think of my sig? It's not mine, I got it off of an avatar site, but I like it.


EDIT: I am merging this club with MGFX. I am opening a new club instead. Thanks for the support.

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