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The Other Side - Accepting


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Plot: You were invited to a vacation at a mansion. But you crossed the tunnel to get to the mansion it was the sky was darker and the trees lost there lush and green. The grass was all dead and withered and the water was dark. Then when you get to the mansion a man comes out of nowere asking if you were invited. You answere "Yes" And he takes you inside and upstairs. You get a chill when you enter the mansion and feel like someone is watching you. You just entered the Other Side. Now descover the secret of the Mansion and the creepy Host. (Note that this is a remake of the Manshio Haunting and You dont know you entered the Other Side)



Alive App





Beleaf Of Ghosts:


My App:

Name: Zeke Tranis

Age: 13

Apearence: Anime-guy.jpg

Bio: Zekes parents died when he was young.

Beleaf Of Ghosts: Yes



1. All Rules Apply

2. Yes your characters can die.

3.Have fun

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