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Booster, and Anime card shop.


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My templates are not stolen or anything like that

Boosters were not stolen


Anime templates were given to me by Starfire3 through pm


My boosters are only 1 point, and are uslay given to you the day you order them, unless im busy which usally im not


Heres some examples













To order a booster just give me the image (Not a render plz) and the name



I also sell anime cards like the ones you see in the show for 3 points


Heres an example



Those are not the size when you order this will be the card you ordered



I will do god cards, but i will not do Slifer the Sky dragon


If you would like one just give me the image, stars, and attribute, and color of card, i do tokens and dark synchros to.

They cost just 3 points. i mite change the price soon but idk


If i do not get paid within 1 day you get neg reped for evrey day you dont pay you will get 1 neg rep once you order i will take away reps (Maybe)


Remeber these are not stolen, these were given to me so dont lock my shop


Boosters were given


and anime cards were given to me by starfire3 and he didnt steal them either.


Hope you enjoy.!!!!!!!

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computer wiz said you stole his tmplates w/out FR' date=' They were my design. MINE I MADE THEM WITH FREAKIN PAINT FOR GODSAKE!!! And they still look nice too. YAYz. ^^



Link pleaz


If you don't respond in 5 minutes, this will be locked.



EDIT: I gave you 5 minutes to respond. This will be locked.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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