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I don't think this was ever suggested...

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The level stars. I have two problems.


1). Make a new 10,000 post marker as 7 stars and move admin to 8 (I thought this would be nice, maybe 7 stars is Epic Member?).


2). Make a feature that changes the color scheme of your level stars, as in you chose what colors yours displays as (I don't like the stars always the same color, as it clashes with an avatar or it's just getting old).


The first can be done within seconds and the other I'm not sure.



Supports 2.




Also, first is against the rules, I know Crab.


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Im sure that YCMaker will make a 10,000 post marker for 7 stars when people with 10,000+ stars become incredibly common.


The second i don't think will ever be done, unless Staff members get differently coloured stars or names to mark their position

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I love how the topic title claims that these ideas are new and original when the sticky contains the line "People tend to request things like adding a new seven-star userlevel for people other than YCMaker" and then goes on to address alternate colours for stars.


At any rate, being aware that something is against the rules doesn't justify doing it anyhow, so this is getting a nice little lock. (The second item is pretty much covered as well; the sticky says not to ask for anything related to these stupid little cosmetic pips, and the suggestion is bloody pointless anyhow.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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