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everyone hates me


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Exactly how many people have hated you? Besides, sometimes it happens. Read the rules, perhaps meet a new beginning in the RP section. Simply read the rules of every section, and for cards use real cards to improve OCG, ask different people about how they give pics to their cards, get good ideas, and you'll be good to go in no time! ^_^ Some people are just annoyed by cards that have a large amount of errors. Don't worry about it. Simply read the rules of every section.

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please someone' date=' be my friend, I'm hated by so many people, and some people gave me negative rep just for not knowing anything! (just read the double double card by gabapavich in the any other card section)



A couple a people already are.


Okay, 1 person can mean a lot.

Okay, just 1 neg rep, happens.

Don't need to read it to know what happened.


So, my comments.


Also, welcome to YCM how may I take your stay? Good and relaxing?

Just do what awesome66 says. Read the rules of possibly every section, or mainly the sections you visit most.


RP's. It is kinda recommended that you fix up on the grammar if you plan on being a serious RPer.

CC (Custom Card): Reading the OCG Grammar Thread can be very helpful. I always use it when making cards :D


Well, those are the main things that require rule shortening, as for General and TCG, well, just don't spam and stay on topic. Also, +rep for the heck of it ;]

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see, i think you'd get more friends if you were to open up with a little, "hi, i'm new," or something like that, not the whole, marylin manson, "everyone hates me."


but, to get to the point, you gots questions, as some one of four stars or more. not to be like steryotypical or nothing, but the world just goes around easyer that way, seeing as they all seem to know it all...


welsome to YCM

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