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[Flash CS4] White Lightning Broadsaber


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Mmk, so I just got Flash CS4 and I took a shot at making a weapon in it. It's my first try, so tell me what you think:






See the biggest green circle on the triangular hilt? When you click that, it's meant to transform into V2 and when you click it again, back into V1. I've been trying to get it for hours but ActionScript 3.0 is being a b*tch, so if anyone could help, that would be much appreciated.


Anyway, CnC, rate & hate...

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It needs better shading. and I can help ya with the script but I don't know AS3 if it's in AS2 then yes.


Yeh, I know about the shading. It's a laser sword so I can't really shade the laser part. Also, CS4 supports AS2 so could you PM me with the script please? I'll pay you 100 points. XD

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