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Push PG-13


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The Division is tracking people with abilities, either you work with them or against them




Movers: Movers manipulate inanimate objects at varying distances. The actual technique is known as kinetic signature control, where the Mover is trained to hear and identify the specific atomic frequency of any given material and alter the gravity wave around it, usually producing the nearby air to appear warped. Advanced Movers can work at the molecular level creating protective shields in the air around them.


Pushers: Pushers push specific thoughts, memories, and even emotions into their targets. This technique can be used to gain a subject's trust or to have them perform any action, thinking it was their own agenda.


Watchers: Watchers are trained to self-induce visions of the future, very much like a prolonged sense of déjà vu. The technique of following the future, either of a person or object, is called subject tracking. A Watcher's skill is primarily rated by how far they can see into the future.


Bleeders: Bleeders have the ability to emit high-pitched sonic vibrations that cause ruptures in a target's blood vessels.


Sniffs: Sniffs are highly developed psychometrics who can track the location of either people or objects over varying distances. Like psychic bloodhounds, their tracking ability is increased if they have tactile access to an object that has been in direct contact with the subject. Sniffs receive information based on images, not specific addresses, which is why identifiable landmarks help increase their effectiveness.


Shifters: Shifters can temporarily shift patterns of light on any object to create illusions to the naked eye. They work mostly on a touch basis, but once the illusion is established, it remains with the object for short periods of time. For example, a Shifter could momentarily touch a one dollar bill, altering its light pattern to appear as a one hundred dollar bill for hours until the effect expires. The length of the shift is based on experience and ability.


Wipers: Wipers are skilled at either temporary or permanent memory erasure, an invaluable asset in espionage. Experience will dictate the accuracy of their wipes, though the danger is always present that they will eliminate a desired memory.


Shadows: Shadows are trained to block the vision of other clairvoyants such as Sniffs, making any subject within their target radius appear "dark". Experience will enhance the size of the area they can shadow and the intensity of their shielding effect. Shadows need to be awake to perform their ability, and it is common for a detail of two Shadows to operate in shifts while protecting a person or object for extended periods.


Stitchers: Stitchers are psychic surgeons trained to quickly reconstruct cells to their previous or healthy state. Using only their hands, they can heal and even "unheal" whatever they have done. For more detailed work, Stitches use a silver based cream on their hands which acts as a conductor to their ability.


Phasers: They have the power to pass through any solid object with almost complete ease.













[spoiler=My Form]

Name: Valon Yasu

Age(12-50): 20

Appearance: avi

Location: Tokyo



Type:Mover, Phaser



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Rofl x3 i cant believe this I just watched Push last night lols


I might not be around much but i'll still join :3


Name: Ashley Paige

Age(12-50): 19

Appearance: Signature

Location: Tokyo


Side: Rouge (Good)

Type: Shifter


Lols and my little brother like totally went nuts with the idea and he came up with actually some pretty good ideas ^^

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