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Water/Hand Kill Deck; NOT META


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One of my favorite decks and an original design conceived by moi. :)




Special Summons: (2)

1x Dragon Ice

1x Treeborn Frog


Tribute's: (4)

3x Thestalos

1x Helpoemer (Haven't tested deck since I added him)


Non-Tribute's: (13)

3x Hydrogeddon

3x Aqua Spirit

2x Mother Grizzly

2x Yomi Ship

2x Deep Sea Diva

2x Skreech

1x Breaker


Spells: (8 )

3x Enemy Controller

1x Lightning Vortex

1x Brain Control

1x Monster Reborn

1x MST

1x Storm


Traps: (11)

3x Drastic Drop Off

3x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

2x Mind Crush

1x Trap Dustshoot

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Mirror Force



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- Helpoemer


+ Trunade

+ 3rd Grizzly


Other than that it looks good.


Took out the Third Grizzly for Helpoemer. Haven't playtested it yet. If Helpy is useless, he'll come out, but the third grizzly has never been too helpful for me.


Will test the Trunade.


OH, I think there is a breaker in here, that's one of the missing cards.


Two left to remember.

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I understand that Reaper has the ideal effect, however, I feel that I don't have enough monster destruction to run Reaper. I don't need Tribute Fodder in this deck either.


I don't like drawing Skreech, so I keep him at two. I generally only use him to Dump Dragon Ice and Frog.

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Ran Penguin Soldier for a time.


Don't like the concept of putting cards back in the hand even if it's to get them off the field or get them discarded. I also don't like playing off my opponent's reaction's, which is generally when Penguin soldier is best. I'd rather ram my Grizzly for Skreech and if need be, ram that or protect it, which will give me the ability to get Froggy-fiscation (Frog+Water Art).


I think I need to play it a few more times and see how it does to see what I want to do with it. I'll get back with an update tomorrow.


Any more rates/comment/suggestions are welcome as well. :)

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Was one of the cards Cyber Dragon?


Drop the Enemy controllers for Book of Moons.


Also' date=' you might want to consider Snowman Eater, he is a nice 1900 wall that kills a monster when he is flipped face up.



Not buying more books, already bought 3. Also, Econ works better with frog and I have Aqua spirit for position control.


If I can find any Snowman Eater perhaps. I want to test it as it is now, because the way it was before I added Helpo, I was happy with the deck about 85% of the time, so I'm not looking for anything too serious to change the way the deck works, looking more for efficiency improvement.

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