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YCM's G3: Reborn


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[spoiler=Enter the Gauntlet]

[align=center]YCM | G3

"Great GFX Gauntlet"

Welcome to YCM G3, quite possibly the largest tournament ever to be held on YCM. In this tournament, anyone can enter a Sig. There will be multiple rounds, each posted in a different thread, administered by judges, and with special prizes available for the winner.



In this tournament, members enter through spot reservation for either the Booster and Sig group. They are added to a list of members entered for each round. In each round, there is a theme that members are required to make something for. After the posting of the theme, entrants are given 5 days to get their entry in, but this time can be extended through request. (Note: Extension is at choice of judging panel, and may not be accepted)

Once the entries are in, they are judged by the judging panel and 1/4 of the entrants are removed from the tournament. The next round then starts, and a new theme is begun.

This will continue until 2-3 people are left in their category, and then after one more round, this time freestyle, a winner will be chosen.



Of course, what would a tournament be without prizes?

1st place: +3 reps, Special Button

2nd place: +2 reps, Special Button

3rd place: +1 rep, Special Button


---------------------Judging Panel---------------------

The judging panel runs the tournament. In order to join, apply here and your application will be considered.


Sig Judges


Taiga Yamashita


We are in need of more judges, apply for a chance to be here.

Max 4 judges in each category.



Here a list of entrants will be kept to insure a clear competition.


Applications are Closed





Seta Sojiro










Round 1

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