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Let me tell you something about heros...


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this how i used to run heros:


Monsters: 24

x1 Avian

x1 Burstenitrix

x1 Bubbleman

x2 Sparkman

x1 Clayman

x3 Wildheart

x2 Heat

x2 Lady Heat

x1 Startos

x2 Ocean

x2 Woodsman

x1 Mechadoggy

x1 Winged fluffball

x1 Captian Gold

x1 Voltic

x1 Necroshade

x1 Blade edge


Spells: 22

x3 Polymer

x3 Miracle

x2 Skyscraper

x2 Hero City

x1 Terraforming

x1 Bubbleblaster

x1 Hero-bond

x5 H-E-R-O, and FLASH!

x1 reborn

x1 Heavy

x1 vortex

x1 MST

x1 Scapegoats


Traps: 14

x1 Cylinder

x3 Signal

x3 Sak

x1 Solemn

x3 Compluse

x3 Decree



every card with the word elemental hero in it XD


Total: (yeah let's not go there)


alright i'll admit, i was a hero n00b and a bad one at that, but i have learned that running heros in not all about having every hero you can, u need stratgey, and with a little of it, you can do something like this:


Monsters: 22

x2 Light hex

x3 Earth Hex

x2 Shining Angel

x3 Giant Rat

x3 Sparky

x2 Rockman

x3 Prisma

x3 Wildheart

x1 Stratos


Spells: 13

x3 Dark Calling

x2 Miracle

x3 E- Call

x1 R- Justice

x1 Heavy

x1 Reborn

x1 RoTA

x1 Vortex


Traps: 5

x1 Torrental

x1 Dustshoot

x3 Solemn



x3 Lightning Golem

x3 Shining Flare

x2 Shining Phoenix

x3 Wild Cyclone

x2 Necriod Shaman

x2 Wild Edge


Total: 40


allow this to be a lesson to hero deck builders, just becuase a card has the word elemental hero printed on it, doesn't mean it belongs in a hero deck

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