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Alex V. Cole (Prototype / inFamous)


Who is more BADASS?  

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  1. 1. Who is more BADASS?

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Alex J Mercer: Main character of Prototype. Virus infected genetic altering monster. Versatile Killing machine. He can make things explode and (sort of) fly.






Cole: Main character of inFamous. Altered being who controls electricity. His electricity can change color. He can also make things explode and (sort of) fly.



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I never used shield once when I played prototype, even til the final boss. (Which was literally the biggest let down of the game, but I will say no more on that issue)


All about Body Armor + Blade; Whipfist + Heli; and just gliding around like you're just the man.


Anyone for inFamous?

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Alex Mercer > Cole

Alex's Powers > Cole's Powers

Prototypes Story > InFamous's Story


Prototype > InFamous


In most of the cut scenes, Mercer's replies seem out of place, as if he could have said "k word" and that would have improved the dialogue. I haven't played infamous extensively, but everyone who I know that has even touched the game says that the story craps on Prototypes.

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[spoiler=what I say]

Alex Mercer Pre-viral, even virus Alex Mercer was disgusted at the badass Alex Mercer's doings. Screw throwing stuff, blowing stuff up, and devouring people. helping create the virus itself, and infecting New York with it as a final 'screw you' is the most badass of it all.


Oh, and Kessler AKA Future Cole. When you go back in time to kill your own wife and screw with your past selve's head, and designing something to power up your mind-screwed past self all for the 'greater good'.


Seriously, Viral Alex Mercer and normal Cole are simply obsolete compared to their TRUE selves.


...But if I have to choose out of those two, I suppose i'll go with Cole. That seems like a stupid choice, but i've always believed being a badass is going at your peak with what you're given. Alex Mercer has all those abilities, and yet in the end he just isn't as good as he could be. Cole takes full advantage of his abilities. Let Alex turn his enemies into flecks of blood, run at amazing speeds, and devour his enemies, it just isn't consistent e.g. the people are fun to rip to shreds, but the hunters just bleed profusely instead of reacting very well. And killing them in one shot with the blade was dissapointing due to the lack of being cleaved in two (I was hoping very much for that...). As was the vehicle damage, slight decrease in color pretty much and a small boom, not to mention the buildings explosion that doesn't even consume the whole building, although i love the creatures coming out of the cacoons, THAT was very enjoyable. As was the helicopter hijacking with whipfist. Also, the bosses seemed to just make me go 'I don't feel like a badass now...'

Seriously, Captain Cross anyone?

Although I must admit if i tried a better tactics against Elizabeth Green rather then hit-with-devastator-and-run, it may have been more enjoyable.


Cole? not quite as vicious, but with all save one or two enemies they are far more reactant and enjoyable, if less techniques to be rid of them.


Just my opinion, and an odd one at that, but there you go!



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Alex, srsly.


Are you gonna compare those two? That's the same as comparing Sparkman -.-

Cole is a dood who can send electricity flying.

Alex is an indestructible tank who can transform his limbs into deadly weapons and fly like a squirrel.

You have issues man, serious issues.


Get this locked. NAO

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